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  1. Hi can anyone let me know the type of interview questions you were asked when you interviewed as a new grad? I kinda want to have a heads up before I start and dont want to get thrown off.
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  3. by   sunnydaydream
    I just had an interview today for a graduate nurse program!

    My mind is a little hazy, but I know they asked:

    1) Why did you chose nursing?
    2) Why did you apply to this hospital?
    3) What is a strength that you have?
    4) What's a weakness that you have?
    5) How would your friends describe you?
    6) They also gave me a scenerio about something I think it had to do with delegation and asked me how I would handle it.
    7) I also remember them asking me how I handle stress and how I stay organized *and* what happens when the schedule goes out the window

    Good luck to you!!!
  4. by   pshs_2000
    see post below
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  5. by   pshs_2000
    1. Who was your most memorable patient and why?
    2. Describe a time when you advocated for a patient.
    3. How do you define a good work day?
    4. Why are you applying to this unit?
    5. So tell me about yourself...Describe three strengths and three weaknesses. (Remember to make your weaknesses positive. For example, right now you're an expert nursing student but a novice nurse, or you're very focused and sometimes miss the big picture but over the past semester you've been working on stepping back and see the entire situation.)
    6. Where do you see yourself in about 5 years?* What are you short-term career goals?

      1. It's also just as important to ask questions to the NM (or whomever you're interviewing with)
      2. What's your management style
      3. What is the nurse-nurse/nurse-physician relationship like?
      4. How is scheduling done
      5. Is there mandatory over time
      6. What is the typical trajectory for a new grad on this unit
      7. If you get offered a position, ask to shadow a nurse on the unit for about 4 hours before you make a decision.
    I have a list of more questions (asked to you and to be asked by you). I can PM them to you if you want.Hope this helps! Do your best :-)
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  6. by   Psqrd
    Thanks for posting this..I will start my app process in about 2 months and the whole process of interviewing makes me nervous. I recently was reading a job posting for UC Davis Med center here in California and it appears that they give a medication test as well...yikes!
  7. by   LyndseyER
    thanks id love a pm with other questions they may ask and any possible questions I may ask. Thanks again