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hi everyone, looking to transition into icu, but finding that new grad icu programs in los angeles (from several hospitals) offering orientation lasting around 6-8 wks. i have 15 mos home care... Read More

  1. by   Flo1216
    Our orientation is 6 mos for ICU and 3 mos for ER. I don't think our new grads have killed anyone yet... Of course the new grads aren't given then most critical pts either and they aren't just thrown to the dogs. There is always someone there if they are unsure of something. However, they DO throw you to the wolves if you are a new med-surg nurse. A girl from my school who just passed her boards was charge nurse last week. I would be scared. I think the new residents are scarier than the new nurses...
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  2. by   Flo1216
    I just got finished my ICU/CCU rotation and I would not be comfortable with 6 weeks orientation....I was blown away by all the technology...
  3. by   JohnnyGage
    In our hospital, anyone new to critical care (experienced floor nurse or new grad) has about a three month orientation which includes both classroom and clinical instruction. If they need a longer period of time they usually get an extra month. After orientation is complete, they are assigned a mentor that works closely with them to troubleshoot, bounce ideas off of, etc. Depending on how fast you learn, though, 8 weeks might not be too bad.

    Remember, no matter how long the orientation, most newbies don't feel comfortable. That's OK! The goal of orientation is not to make you comfortable, but competent. Comfort takes a while of simply working in the trenches (with good back-up, of course).