Negotiating Salary

  1. Florida Hospital nurse recruiter just reached out to me regarding a peds MS position, we scheduled the interview in the next week. During the call she mentioned an hourly pay of $27.28 an hr plus the addition complicated night shift differentials. Obviously coming from NY I thought this was low but acceptable because of what I hear going rates are in Orlando. During the call I asked for information regarding healthcare benefits. We got off the phone and she sent me a brochure via email and to my surprise costs for a family plan were about $500 a month and that doesn't even include dental and vision!!! Now I knew I would be taking a pay cut because of the cheaper cost of living but I didn't expect to be paying almost double what I pay now in NY.
    is this the norm in FL?
    has anyone negotiated more money or better coverage?

    Really makes no sense....

    thanks guys!
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  3. by   labordude
    Sometimes yes on the salary, never on the benefits. It all depends on how much experience you are bringing them and if the specialty is hard to hire for. Basically, a company that really wants you will try to work things out. $500 a month for family plan sounds so wrong. In all my years, I have never seen a plan that expensive for full-time employees.
  4. by   KelRN215
    Benefits are typically non-negotiable.

    I once turned down a job because of the health insurance (they only offered either a $2000 deductible plan or a tiered insurance plan, neither of which worked at the time with my complex medical needs) and told them that that was why I was turning the job down. They responded by offering an extra $1/hr which would have amounted to $2080 and covered the deductible but I still got a better offer elsewhere so didn't accept their offer. Unfortunately the job I did accept cut our platinum plan options the following year so I'm stuck with a $2000 deductible plan anyway but the salary is much higher and there are other benefits (they pay for my parking which amounts to over $3500 a year) so it kind of balances out.