Neglient or Not - page 2

Realizing that what you guys post would just be an opinion, I would like to see if you think my dentist was neglient. I broke a tooth and had it repaired a week ago tomorrow. It was a 2 1/2 hour... Read More

  1. by   VickyRN
    Regardless of your decision to seek litigation or not, my sincere wishes for a quick recovery.
  2. by   tapper
    Sorry to hear you may have suffered undo pain and possible medical expenses. But, your attitude toward possibly suing over this incident is part of the problem with our current medical, as well as legal systems. If you have a grievance then file it with the proper licensing authority. But seeking out monetary retribution is simply being greedy. If you should perish from this situation . . . maybe your loved ones have grounds for a lawsuit. But even then there are considerations that should be made, mainly being a healthcare provider yourself did you not question what might have been an oversight on the dentists part. Again, sorry to hear about your suffering.
  3. by   MontanaRN
    Thanks to all that posted. I feel much better today, and do not look like the chipmunk that I did. To answer a few people's questions, I broke the tooth 5 days before it was fixed. We just moved here not too long ago, so this is the only dentist that could get me in. He saw me the day after it broke, but didn't have time to fix it for 3 more days. I originally went in for a root canal, but he changed his mind and did soemthing else (filling) to it after I was prepped for the canal (nitrous oxide and all). I have never sued anyone, and did not wish to in this case. My medical insurance will cover everything well. Unless, I had needed the oral surgery part. My checkup revealed that it looks like the antibiotic's are doing well, and that shoudln't be necessary. I'll keep you guys posted if something else develops. Thanks for the posts!