Need Your Input

  1. Hi to all of you. I am taking a class that requires me to do a presentation of a current issue in nursing. I have chosen long distance education. To any of you who have taken Web courses I would greatly appreciate your input. To those of you who have not, your ideas are welcome. What I need to know is the following:

    1. What type progam did you "attend" (i.e. RN BSN MSN,) and through whom is it accredited?
    2. Do you feel the program satisfied your needs, did it meet (or not) or exceed your expectations?
    3. Did it adequately prepare you for a new or expanded role?
    4. What would you add, delete from the program?
    5. Please discuss the pros and cons of not being in a traditional classroom setting.
    6. What changes would you make to the curriculum?
    7. What difficulties, if any did you encounter taking web classes?

    Thanks so much in advance for your help!
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  3. by   rachel h
    Sorry I don't have any input for ya, but I'll give ya a bump so someone sees it!
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I attended an LPN to ADN bridge program ten years ago in Indianapolis. As an adult learner who had to work full-time - I didn't get involved in anything college had to offer. They had a 99% pass rate for NCLEX which is all I wanted. After I took boards - I couldn't believe how easy it was...LPN boards years earlier had been much harder!!!
  5. by   kittyw
    Right now I'm in a MSN program. I only take one class via web but so far I love it!!! They videotape my adv. health assessment class on Monday and I can access the lecture on CD or over the web. I then have lab at the school Friday of the same week.

    Pros of taking a web class ... I can replay the lecture over and over, I can stop the CD and do something else and come back to the same spot, I can watch the CD in my jammies, I don't have to be at school Monday morning at 9 am!

    Cons: Can't ask questions during the class (but I'm one to look stuff up anyways before I ask a question), have to be disciplined to watch the CD, can't see what's going on in the rest of the room

    So far I haven't had a difficulties with this class - surprisingly no tech glitches yet.

    I would definately do more classes like this if I had the opportunity!