Need some help weird problem!!

  1. I had a line bruise about 2 inches long on the inside of my right arm. The vein was corded and it hurt to straighten it out. It felt like a sore muscle/bruise. I thought I had hit my arm on something. This started on Saturday. It looked like I had pressed it into the side of a table. It was that kind of mark. Nothing big and hardly noticable.

    I am of the adage, 'Use it or lose it". So I kept using it. It only hurt to straighten it out. Now its Tuesday, and the bicep no longer hurts but the elbow does. I now have a bruise in my elbow and the pain is past my elbow.

    I am going to the dr. but wanted to know if any of you have heard/seen this. If you have, what causes it. The bruise is now haflway down my forearm.

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  3. by   orrnlori
    Creeping bruises, I've seen them before. It's particularly evident in facial surgery. Black eyes become black and blue cheeks which become blue and green jaws and finally a nice sort of yellow all over the lower face. Don't know if that's what you are experiencing but could be.
  4. by   zacarias
    You could have had a case of phlebitis but it's hard to say. Warm pack and elevation baby!
  5. by   prmenrs
    You could even check with an MD. Just a thought....
  6. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Weird how you can get evidence of an injury, like you did, and have no recollection of the actual injury. I've noticed that myself a lot the past couple of years.

    Anyway--early on (1st 24 hours or so, or as long as that felt good), I'd've put cool to cold on it, and later moist heat. No aspirin for pain though, due to its anticoagulant properties, but something for pain so the surrounding tissue will be more relaxed and you will be more comfortable when you are not resting the injured part.
  7. by   kwagner_51

    I went to the dr. today. He said it was phlebitis and he ordered x-rays of my wrist. He thinks I have a stress fx. :uhoh21:

    He also put me on an 81 mg baby asprin and Bextra 20 mg.

    He thinks the injury I had last month might be the problem. We will wait and see. Get the x-ray results tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes!!
  8. by   prmenrs
    I'm glad you went. Don't want you throwing a clot!!!