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Hello, I currently work as a technician for a small, rural telephone company. After months of deliberation, I have decided to retrain as an RN. I have spoken with several relatives who are nurses... Read More

  1. by   Wren
    Telephone guy......

    Be a nurse!!! I am prejudiced but I love this career. Where else can you find the opportunity to branch out in so many different directions?

    You can have a job where you never see the same patient twice, or one where you take care a patient for years, or one where you never see a patient. You can be deeply involved in technology and have the latest cool tools or never use them. You can work closely with doctors or get a job where you rarely have to see them. You can teach other students or patients. You can work in many, many different settings. Just looking at the varied specialty postings and you'll see what I mean.

    My daughter is a nurse (labor and delivery) my niece is training to be one and my husband is a doctor. Know what, I'd rather be a nurse than a doctor any day.

    Sure there a unhappy nurses (and mechanics and taxi drivers and computer programers) but if you think you want this, don't let any naysayer stop you because nursing is versatile enough that I am sure you'll find an area that you like.

    Good luck!