Need Malpractice Insurance, STAT !!!

  1. Aha...did you come here thinking I had some juicy story about something I did wrong!?!? (I probably would have

    Unfortunately, it is entirely too mundane.

    I am applying to a preceptorship program (application due 4/1) for which I need to send the cover (or something like that) of my malpractice insurance as part of my application.

    Time is clearly running out...

    Please help me find some!!! Send me a message if you feel it's not appropriate for the board (might be construed as advertising or something.)

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  3. by   RN2B07
    Hi...I use NSO for my malpractice insurance and the quickest way is probably on their website...nso(nurses service organization)...if that helps u any
  4. by   dorisemoore1
    I did think that...sorry....But it was funny!
  5. by   begalli
    Definitely NSO.
  6. by   NurseFirst
    Quote from dorisemoore1
    I did think that...sorry....But it was funny!


    Thanks my insurance thru NSO...