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Hi Guys, currently I am working to establish a mentoring program that isn't just lip service. I have read a lot of people saying they want a great preceptor/mentor and that makes all the... Read More

  1. by   cmggriff
    I was fortunate to have 2 great mentors when
    I started out. Both of them were patient with me and offered help and advice when I asked, but left me to make my own mistakes when I didn't. One was an LPN. He was not as patient with other nurses. If another RN seemed to him to have an "attitude", he could be very scathing in his criticisms. The other fellow is an RN. And he is patient with everyone. He listens to the dumbest things a person has to say and then treats your comments on their merits. I have tried, when given the opportunity, to be like him in teaching the newbee's. I have been very gratified over the years to see a number of the nurses I helped train become very competent. Some of them have gone on to train others. I love my job.