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  1. I'm looking for information on fire retardant lap aprons for the handicap who smoke in their w/c. I've searched the web and am having a difficult time finding anything about this product. If anyone has ANY info, please forward. Thank a bunch!
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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    My server is acting a little weird right now....but, if you do a search on the words "fireproof apron", you should get several hits. I am having trouble getting the sites to open up fully.

  4. by   Sleepyeyes

    you want Buck & Buck! The clothes are very good quality and they have lots of selections.
  5. by   night owl
    Thank you so much for this info. I kept searching for "fire retardant lap apron," fire proof clothing," "fire resistant lap apron for w/c bound" and couldn't find anything even close. "Fireproof Apron..." How simple...You are the best!!! I thank you and the veterans thank you. :kiss

  6. by   night owl
    we finally got a fireproof lap apron for one of our residents who kept burning his clothes and his legs from smoking. we explained to the staff that they can not be put into the washing machine. all you do is wipe them off when they become soiled. how simple is that??? lo and behold if one cna did put the thing in the washing machine and then the dryer! talk about brain dead!!! it cost something like $30.00 and forget about getting another one. things like this really pizz me off because it took so long to get the dang thing...i think she should pay for it so we can get another one...don't you? thought about writing on it with permanenet marker, "do not wash me!" someone else said no because if the resident is wearing it, they'll think it means do not wash the resident...{{{sheeeeeeesh}}}...i give up...anyone have a dead horse i can beat? :stone
  7. by   2ndCareerRN
    Night owl.............just for you, at least this time.

    But in all seriousness, PM me with his info, where he lives, name, etc., I will make sure he gets a new apron PDQ.
    Afterall, I may be him someday.

  8. by   night owl
    Thanks Bob, I feel better now...I think. This computer still amazes me...You can find just about anything...even a dead horse! :roll
    Don't worry, we'll get him a new one if I have to take up a collection for it. I have to take good care of my vets...Gotta love 'em... :kiss