Need Ideas for Graduation

  1. Hello again all you Nurses,

    Graduation is almost here and soon I will be joining the ranks of this honorable profession. But once again I need your help already, lol.

    We are needing Ideas for Graduation, I was wondering if any of you have any songs that you feel capture and symbolise the essence of nursing. We need a couple of songs to play during our Graduation Ceremony. Also I am in charge of designing the program for the ceremony and I was wondering if anybody knows a website where I can find Clip Arts that pertain to nurses, like the lamp, etc. Thank you very much for your imput.

    Soon to be one of you,

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  3. by   MandyInMS
    The Song...."I Will Survive" is the first thing that pops in my head...hehe....don't mind me..I just woke up after a veryyyyy long night shift....good luck hun
  4. by   betts
    Theme from St Elsewhere...
    Give out Apple Pins to keep the Doctors away.
  5. by   altomga
    congratulations on your GRADUATION!!!!

    I have been to many clip art sites and they all have very cool stuff related to nursing...just type in "free clip art" under search

    For my graduation all the ADN grads put RN on the top of our graduation caps with glue and glitter!! Looked pretty cool to us

    There is a song called LOOK TO THE FUTURE....not sure who it is by?
    How about that song that was so in ?last year? about graduating. I thought it caught the moment pretty good. Anyone Know the Name????????

    Gosh there are so many songs that I hear that would be great...unfortunately can't remember any of their names
    If I do I'll let you know!!

    I like the apple pin idea..that's cute!!

    Good luck...if I have any ideas I'll let you know....
  6. by   AmAnRN
    at our pinning ceremony, we played the theme to "E.R." as we were leaving the building!!
  7. by   UVaRN2Be
    We just chose "I believe I can fly" for processional, "Canon in D" played throughout pinning each nurse, and "Because you loved me" dedicated to our families as the recessional. We are giving each nurse flowers. I would like to have had candles and as the last song played made a big circle around the auditorium when the song was dedicated to our families. But the auditorium layout doesnt provide for that. Good luck
  8. by   MarcusKspn
    Thank you all for your replies, please keep the ideas coming.