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  1. I am finally going to get an oppotunity to pursue my goal in life and that is to become a nurse. The only thing is I have been military for 12 yrs and going to maintain my active duty while pursuing my nursing degree. My question to the junior and senior nurses out there is; what tips can you give for study material before I start classes and during. Also what worked well for each of you as far as study habits when you were strapped for time. I value all of your opinions and envy each and everyone of you for what you do each and everday. Tom
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  3. by   moonshadeau
    Congratulations and welcome to the profession of nursing. As for what to study and how to find time, I suggest that you check out the student nurses forum. I am quite positive that you will find all the information that you are looking for there.

    I basically got a job working as a CNA, and made sure that I got my hands on everything and anything related to nursing that I possibly could get. Websites, books, articles...

    The more you know...
  4. by   neelyt
    Thank you moon shadeau, I have posted in that area thanks for the help. Tom.
  5. by   Nurse Ratched
    How are you fixed for prerequisites? The sciences - microbiology, chemistry, etc. - are so integral to your understanding of things later. It's never too early to start memorizing anatomy.

    I empathize with the pressed for time thing. I worked fulltime when in school. It looks like you'll have some little ones clamoring for your attention as well. Can't help you there, but I would suggest you know yourself and when you are at your mental peak (morning, night, whatever) and use that time as best you can to study because that's when it will stick. Gonna have to carve out a little "daddy school time" maybe while the kids are working on their projects. You'll also have time in between classes to use to your best advantage. Study groups with your classmates may or may not be helpful for you - I found they were esp if it was a subject we were all struggling with and could puzzle out together.

    Best of luck to you. Dumb question - what happens if you get called up to go overseas in the middle of clinicals?
  6. by   neelyt
    Originally posted by Nurse Ratched
    what happens if you get called up to go overseas in the middle of clinicals?

    I am going to be in an instructor position for 4 years, it is considered a controlled tour which means for 4 years straight I go nowhere. That is the only reason I have chosen now to start my nursing degree. The only real chance for me to do it. signed //stuck in Afghanistan//