Need help from fellow nurses!!!

  1. My wife entered our baby girl in a photo contest and she is currently in 2nd place only .01 points away from 1st. We need your help. Please go to the following address and type in her #27413 and give her a 10 !!! If we win we get a framed canvas picture of her. Thank you so much!!

    Jim RN
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  3. by   ham22
    Just put my vote in. She is absolutely beautiful! Good Luck....
  4. by   asher315
    What a cutie! Definitely a "10". Good luck!

    sherry t
  5. by   CathRN
    What a cute baby! Absolutely adorable! Good luck and let us know
  6. by   PatrickJ
    My boys are now 12 and 13,
    Still love babies tho hehee
    Gave your lil one a 10.
  7. by   txspadequeenRN
    just voted.... that baby is darling
  8. by   SarahtheRN
    i had nothing else to do so i voted like 20 times. good luck!