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  1. need help with sociology assignment. cant find information. Assignment is on the social classes as a measure of health and attitudes. can anyone help me????????
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  4. by   donmurray
    Duffy, Do you have a sister in Holby?.... The Black report, produced for and ignored by the UK govt. started a virtual industry in this area. Basic outcome? Poor peoples' health is less good than rich. Even with the NHS more than fifty years old, this still holds true, thirty years after it was written. Talk to your uni. librarian.
  5. by   duf
    thanks for your help. anymore where that came from would be much appreciated. librarian is on maternity leave and library is closed for two weeks.
  6. by   Heather56
    I've always found the internet very helpful for finding data for my papers. It takes some searching but if you enter enough info you can avoid all the extraneous stuff. Good luck
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    Tried my newest " best friend", the search engine google ---

    Typed in:
    social class division in health + Ireland

    REsult lists 47,000 entries, here are a few:

    Data library contents
    ... H of Commons Division lists 1861 ... 92 follow-up; Health Surveys for England ... 1968); Northern
    Ireland Social Attitudes 1989 ... Gallie, 1987); Social Class in Modern ...

    Health Research Board , Dublin, Ireland
    ... of research in building a world class health service and the link ... research and the achievement of health and social gain,' he commented. Professor...

    ... the district electoral division (DED) and the ... though those in social class 1-2 were ... to rate their health less well ... in contemporary Ireland drink alcohol ...

    Workers party - policy
    ... believes that the class division, and division between wealth and ... the Republic of
    Ireland are wider ... the key social areas of health, education, taxation ...

    Many more listed at above link.