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  1. I am a LPN and I've heard that it is possible to become a RN through online or home study; is that possible or is just a way to get my money; thanks
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    I went to regents, now known as excelsior, for my RN to BSN. It is possible to do almost all of it on-line. There is one clinical, it is expensive and very very stressful.

    If you do go this route, please be certain to register in the electronic peer network, the EPN. It's a place where students can chat on-line, and I was able to hook up with a lot people this way, we had a great group for support. The site chats are monitored by instructors, and you can read transcripts of older chats.

    I'm pretty sure other schools must be offering this as well. Look into all your options. It can be quite expensive.