Need directions!!!

  1. I have been away for awhile...adjusting to my new job and caught up in life...all good...I came back in here a few days ago and when I try to click on the "general nursing discussions" they don't appear. All I get is the general nursing poll. I enjoyed the off topic platform and thought of it as a tremendous help and provided an excellent comraderie between us overwork and under paid nurses. Has it been moved? Renamed?

    I've discovered that there was a problem but were things so bad that we were punished? I hope I am just missing the right link......This was a great meeting, venting, supporting, and sometimes heated place. What gives? If this is a forbidden topic would someone please e-mail me and let me know where general discussions are being held ...
    thanking everyone in advance
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  3. by   CATHYW
    Off Topic has been changed to "Break Room," and the War & Terrorism thread has been closed and "Current Events" is in its' place. I was as confused as you wre when I came back today-it seems there has been some kind of falling out that we missed (thank goodness!), and some folks who were here are no longer. As far as the General Nursing discussion, I was able to get into it....
  4. by   NRSKarenRN

    You just posted in the General Discussion forum--- the Nursing poll is a header that leads to posts/discussion that includes nursing polls.

    Scroll to the bottom of this page, below the post rely box is another textbox for "Forum jump" with a down arrow--click on the arrow and you can scroll easily to any of our other forum areas.