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We recently hired a new nurse at one of the facilities i work at. This is the third unit she's been oriented on, due to problems in orientation or with the preceptor. First of all this nurse was in... Read More

  1. by   jnette
    Quote from bluesky
    Are her breadown moments from performance related stress or from the way she is being treated by other staff people?

    Clearly there is a lack of professionalism on your unit and she doesn't have the strength to advocate for herself. She needs to find someplace where she'll be supported and the workload is appropriate to her skill level.
    Couldn't agree more, Navy.

    I, too, would hate to further demoralize and stress this girl... seems like a real motivating, confidence building experience would be soooooo refreshing and needed here. However... med surge is just SO VERY stressful... and I just wonder if this would not end up being her demise (and perhaps that of some unfortunate patient?)... should she stress out at the wrong time... lose focus, etc.

    Quite a risk to take. As mentioned.. perhaps another setting for a period of time... something less stressful... where she could still be a nurse, and build her life back slowly and regain the confidence of her peers, managers, as well as her own selfconfidence.
  2. by   kc ccurn
    Quote from rn-jane
    I don't think this nurse is beyond working in the field of nursing, or even in a hospital, but my unit is particulary stressful. unfortunately my boss has layed this upon my shoulders to be the deciding vote on her performance. I think maybe she would psossibley do well on a transitional care unit or rehab unit but this stepdown unit is very stressful, and even the best of nurses sometimes can't hack it here. I know her dream is to be back at working med-surg again, i think she's grasping to be the person she was. I told my manager, we can watch her while in orientation but on her own in a code, how would she handle it? I think this decision will be tough to make, i hate being put in the middle, it will ultimately have to be my manager to make the decision though.

    What does she think? Has it been discussed with her? Maybe she is feeling way overstressed about reintigrating to nursing and doesn't know how to verbalize it? I agree that she needs to have a neuropsych eval done before making the decision. That way you've got an objective point of view.