Need advice from you seniors... Please.

  1. Hey Ya'll,

    I'm sorry I know this is a post for the student boards, but I really respect the post and guidence I've gotten so far on this BB. So here goes.
    My LPN program starts in September, there are about 200 students trying to get into 30 spots for day class and 18 spots for night class. They do a criminal back-ground check, then you are given points on overall grades youv'e recieved in general studies, then you have an interview, which you are also given points. So it all boils down to the 48 with the highest points will get in. I'm not worried about the criminal back-ground (not even a speeding ticket) and my grades are very good, all A's & B's, one C. So for the interview, what should or shouldn't I wear (hair, clothes, make-up, jewerly, perfume, etc.) Also my A & P instructor told me that they will ask "Why do you want to become a nurse" she said DO NOT say "Iv'e always wanted to be a nurse" she said you get points for every answer, and that they are sick of hearing that one. Please if any of you have had to go through this, could you give me some advice. Thank You in advance, and God Bless!
    P.S. interviews are in August, and I'm very nervous
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  3. by   futureccrn
    Wear neutral colored clothing, red, navy... Do not wear perfume at all, go natural with the make-up. Make sure your breath smells ok. Try to tell them a story that made you decide you wanetd to be a nurse. I can't believe that with the shortage of RN's and LPN's that there would be such a hard time getting into a program. Good Luck!
  4. by   mattsmom81
    Dress conservatively and display a mature, intelligent attitude and you will do fine. Best wishes!

    Instructors are looking for caring AND intelligent prospects so build up your good points from there.
  5. by   pfleige
    Good luck gettin into the program, hoever I would like to point out to you that if you do not, do not think is the end of the world,
    you can always try again or look for other career alternatives in the health profession, example, nuclear medecine technician, M.R.I. technician and more... Look in the occupational outlook book in the search engine and under Health professionals you will see enough options to make sure you get in the health care system one way or another. some of this profession pay very well.
  6. by   mattsmom81
    I like your quote, PFleige!!

    You are so right...lots of options to be part of the medical retrospect kinda wish I had become a radiology tech then specialized in ultrasound or MRI. Interesting work that is NOT back breaking!

    That or a respiratory therapist...patient contact with a narrower window of responsibility...also less back breaking than nursing.
  7. by   jurbyjunk
    One of the questions that gets asked at job interviews is "what are your strengths?". That might pop up, so you might want to give some consideration to what you could answer. Another thing that sometimes gets asked is "what are your weaknesses", but I'm inclined to think that that's a double-edged sword. Good luck.