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  1. Hello all,
    I am a 34 yr old RN seeking a new nursing job. I worked LTC for 6 yrs, Cardiac/ICU for about 2 yrs, and home health now for 3 yrs. I like home care, except for our long on call times. The nurses are required to work full time + take call one evening per week from 5 pm to 8 am the next day + one weekend per month from 5 pm on Friday till 8 am on Monday. There are some environmental issues in the homes such as smoke, dirt, fumes, pets, rodents, bugs, scary family members, etc. There are times the nurse has to go out at night alone to homes, some of which are in rural areas. The car you drive is your own, you are not remimbursed for it, only gas. I am considering a change, I plan to apply to a dialysis clinic and for a med-surg position at the hospital. In the past, I have become very nervous during my interviews and become unable to answer the questions correctly and I say the wrong thing. Does anyone have a list of commonly asked questions or other advice for me? Another piece of info is that I am currently working on my BSN, which should help my resume

    Thank you all, I look forward to hearing your responses,
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    I've always tried to let the interviewers know what I have brought to my nursing experience ,rather than wait for the dreaded question, what can you bring to our facility. Confidence,experience,looking for long term employment (if you are).

    You are needed! Good luck and keep us posted!
  4. by   everthesame
    Be prepared to explain why you want to leave your current position but try not to portray your current employer in a negative light. You could say you are looking for more stable hours. Or maybe you could say that while you enjoy the 1 to 1 time you get to spend with your patients you miss working in a team environment provided in a hospital. Whatever you say just be sure it is true to your situation.
    Also, expect to be asked about how you handle situations. For example, "tell me about a time you handled a conflict with"...coworker, physician, patient, family member, etc...
    Figure out what it is about nursing you are passionate or enthusiastic about and find a way to bring it into the conversation. Your enthusiasm or passion will show and something perspective employers are looking for is a candidate who will be engaged in the position and not just there solely for a paycheck.
    Another common question is to ask you to describe a situation where you feel you failed. After you describe the situation be sure to add what you learned from the experience and, if applicable, how you have since handled similar situations successfully.
    I used to have a long commute to work and I would use the time on the road to reflect on such questions so when I was put on the spot in an interview I would have an answer ready for the interviewer.
    Have a few questions of your own ready. I like to ask the person interviewing me what they like most about working at XYZ hospital.
    I'm sure you can find other interview tips in the Nursing Career Advice subforum. Good luck with your interviews and let us know how things are going.
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