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I have recently been targeted by my nurse manager, I have been an RN for a year now on her floor and she has been on me like white on rice the past couple of weeks for the most petty problems. One... Read More

  1. by   Thunderkat
    Dear Nyte nurse
    I feel for you. I really do. I am prolly gonna get slammed for this but..... Pain is real. I have had my share of problems with those difficult patients, but in your post you stated that the caregiver kept coming out and asking for assistance and then finally a pill, and you kept stating that you had to assess postop pts..... well, it takesa good 30 min to assess a post op pt and get a history and etc....and maybe 5 min to get a pt a pill. Even though she was difficult or a real pain in the butt, you really should have addressed her pain in a timely manner. I have to say I used to think that pain was not that big of an issue and I had other extremely important things to do like assessment, blah, blah,blah. What changed my mind is when I was hospitalized after a MVA with major trauma and I felt horrible. I had to lay with fractures to bilat hips and arms for 2 days before they could stabilize me enough to take me to surgery. The nurses would delay my pain meds and I was suffering. I begged people to kill me. Since that experience, I am the avenging angel of pain control and I make a concentrated effort to medicate my patients and keep them comfortable. I am now a forensic nurse and do not deal with physical pain too much but I have been on both sides of the coin and this is only my opinion.... from what you say.... you have been dealing with a lot of stress.... perhaps a change will do you good. I think it may be a matter of prioritizing and time management that might help.... I truly feel for you and hope I do not come across as a critical B@*#*. I hope things get better for you.... but if you feel you are in a hopeless situation, let go of this stone or you're gonna drown.... move on Good luck!!
  2. by   mustangsheba
    To be succinct, the first thing I would ask is "if I'm doing such a terrible job, why keep me here for another six months?"
  3. by   frenchfroggyAPRN
    I am going thru the same thing where I work. I was asked to come to the vice-presidents office after I came out of report. When i asked my boss what was up she stated " something came up, it's not a big deal". SOOO I have to give report and then go downstairs. When I walked into the room, she was smiling, I was floored when she pulled out "the form". It seems a patient care rep. complained on me last week. stated that i was talking to the patient in "an irritated tone", also last month, a family member was standing out in the hall and when asked what she needed she stated her brother needed a pain pill (one day post CABG), i immediately went and assessed my patient, while i was in the room, i asked if they had used the call light, since my pager did not go off. they said no they did not, I explained how to use the call light. when i was outside of the room checking the chart, i heard the sister on the phone talking and saying, " i dont know who she is but i am going to report her, i used to work here and know how to use the *&^% call light". I gave my patient his medication, and she was soooo nice to me. I immediately chart what had happened to CYA ( cover your A%$), talked to my boss so she would know what had happened. That was the end of it, so i thought. It came back to bite me last week when i was written up, ( i was rude to the patient) NOT, also one of my dear coworkers complained that i leave too much for them to do, we have been told so many times if you don't get something done, pass it on in report for the next shift. I was also written up for leaving them things to do. WTF. Today i have updated my resume and am about to go in search of another job. I love my floor, but am not going to jeoporadize my career for someone who does not back up their nurses and doesnt even ask for input about something before she writes you up. It is funny because all of my patients tell me how nice and helpfull i am. The two problems havn't even been by the patient themselves, but a sister and a patient rep.