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My last NM came up with "wake up with someone who cares". :lol2: Man it is hard to top that! Any ideas? Thanks guys!... Read More

  1. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    "Got Narcan?"

  2. by   deeDawntee
    "Step Away from the Light"
    "After all is said and done, your recovery has only just begun"
    "You stake 'em, we wake 'em!"
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  3. by   RaggedyRN
    What happens in PACU stays in PACU

    PACU, where it's OK to wake up with strangers

    Have fun with this!

  4. by   HelenofOz
    "Wake 'em up
    Clean 'em up
    Knock 'em out
    Send 'em back"

    maybe that's more of an in-house joke than a t-shirt slogan, but it works for me
  5. by   decartes
    Pac me??? PAC-U!!!
  6. by   mothertucker
    Oh my gosh! You guys are great! At this rate, I will have enough to make a couple different tshirts! Thanks and keep 'em coming!!!
  7. by   RN Randy
    I've always enjoyed time spent in the PACU... as a visitor anyway...
    Nothing like being there to make fun of your 'Homer Simpson slobbering on the couch' friends, eh?

    PACU - a sobering experience...

    A/O x3, works for me!

    PACU - You can eat crackers in my bed anytime!
    [that one's for us oldies, lol]

    PACU, where dreams become reality....

    PACU - Recover your health!
    Recover your dreams, Recovering your health, or something like that?

    Or depending on what kind of day you're having...

    PAC-U - Don't make us smack-u!
    or.. Sorry we had to smack-u...

    PACU- Get up, get your clothes and go home; we'll call you. Really.

    Wake up and drive!
    [After signing the waiver, of course.]

    Nothing like a good brainstorming session... LOL...
  8. by   LilDKessler
    Check out They have lots of funny designs for the medical field.
  9. by   mothertucker
    I know there are more out there! Come on guys.....give it to me!!