Need a little info

  1. Thank you.
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    You can erase or change any of your posts at any time by clicking on the "edit" button, making whatever changes you want, then saving the changes.

    If you want to completely eliminate one of your posts, the relevant button does not work, but you can edit it by deleting all the words, then hit the space bar once and save the change. The post will now be blank.

    If you want to move one of your posts, highlight the text, right click, select "copy." Then go to wherever you want it to be and paste it in.
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    do what sjoe said then paste it to general nursing discussion. you probably wont get the answers your looking for in nursing polls. Im still a nursing student so I dont know the answer but im sure some one there will. by the way he, and welcome!!!
  6. by   rasunico
    hi anybody here is a filipino nurse (from the philippines) hope to hear from you ..