nclex..... worried

  1. Hi! I took the nclex last sept 5. The test stopped when i reached #78. I'm worried. I'm not satisfied with the number of questions I answered. Anybody who can give me idea about this? I tried calling the board of nursing but they are having a conference for 2 days so I have to call them again tomorrow. Its killling me.....

    Hope things will turn out positive....


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  3. by   AlaskanRN
    When I took my NCLEX exam I answered the minimum number of questions and the computer shut off. Even though I had prepared myself for the possibility of finishing with the minimum number, I felt like throwing up when it happened. I was sure I was too stupid to live and was positive I would do better if only I could answer a few more questions...

    I'm happy to say that I passed. Obviously I was more prepared than I thought. The other students in my class felt the same way after taking their tests, and they all passed also.

    I can't guarantee that you passed, but don't fret because of the number of questions answered, or even how you feel about your performance.

    Think positive and I will also...Good Luck and let us know when you get results.

  4. by   Tephra
    Ah, man...been there. I shut off at 75. Everyone else in my class got their results (by phone) 3-4 days before I did! I was *sweating*. All I can say, is just keep moving, keep breathing, that's all I could do.

    Let us know how it works out. Thinkin' positive for ya!
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    About 3 months before I took my NCLEX, a woman from the Oregon nursing board came to speak to my class about the exam. She told us that almost everyone leaves the test feeling like they failed it, because by the time the computer determines whether you're competent or not, you're actually answering only about half of the questions correctly. OK, I thought, I'll be prepared when the time comes. WRONG!!! The computer shut off after the minimum number of questions, and this mature woman of 38 (at the time) proceeded to freak out: "OMG, I'm not done, just a few more questions, pleeeeease?!"

    Well, of course I passed, but I just about drove myself AND my family crazy during the 10 days between the test date and the time I actually received my license. I'll never forget that.
  6. by   yana94
    Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I tried to keep in touch with the Board of Nursing but their system is down and was told to call again by monday. arggggghhhh!!!!!

    Promise I'll let you know guys once I got the result.
  7. by   TheLionessRN
    oh man, that brings back memories! LOL!
    I took 114 questions before it shut off on me. I just knew I blew it completely. The letter came in the mail one afternoon while I was alone in the house and my mother, who is also a nurse and supported me and my children while I was in school (divorced mom) was on vacation. I took the letter out of the envelope, and above the fold, it said, "candidate has PASSED", then proceeded to address me as dear registered nurse.

    I started calling family where my mom was visiting, and had to finally leave messages for her to call me ASAP. When she called back, I broke into tears. She thought the world had collapsed, LOL. I sobbed out, "I p-p-passsssssssssed!" and cried some more. She understood my joy of course.

    The next shift I worked after getting the letter, I was in the med room going over the MARs and when I signed the bottom of the first MAR, I burst into tears again, as I signed it SShelton, RN.

    It will happen to you too! I promise!!
  8. by   futurecdrn
    So it's true that NCLEX can shutt off at any gosh that must be freaky! I'm taking NCLEX soon and it's not only giving me butterflies but dragonflies!

    Carmel, must be hard to wait for the results. Yet, try to relax and be confident that you have prepared for this exam very well and you will pass!

    Take care.
  9. by   James Huffman
    I took boards in 1980. Taking them involved 2 days of sheer hades at the state capital (Raleigh, in my case) where what seemed to be 10 million recent nursing grads gathered in this enormous building to take the tests. The simple numbers ensured that SOMEONE would freak, and someone always did: one woman I knew had what was probably a certified panic attack in her hotel room the first night, shrieking that she couldn't take it anymore.

    THEN you went home. Knowing you had failed. EVERYBODY thought they had. And knowing it would be at least 6 weeks before you found out the results.

    The results came all at once, and there was invariably someone who was off that day, and got the mail, and called our unit to tell us that IT was coming. No hiding the results on that! (When anyone wants to talk about the good old days, I remember them that things were not always that great ... )

    Jim Huffman, RN
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    all the best to you!
  11. by   CMERN
    DID YA??? PASS... SMarty one in our class had 160 questions..... a bunch of us had 75.... hope you passed ...Good Luck :hatparty:
  12. by   yana94
    I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and praying that I make it. The result will be availabe by Monday. I'll let you know once I got it.... Thanks...
  13. by   proudtobeanurse
    O MY GOODNESS at last another oldie who took the two day boards in the Capital (AUSTIN, for me) on the designated day--sick or not--at the designated time--late and you are locked out and automatically fail. Thousands of GN's (graduate nurses) in the auditorium and proctors marching around... click... click.. click ..watching for cheaters. Very nervous times. And the wait---2 full months with no idea about whether you passed or not!

    Just the expense was huge,since a 2 night hotel was required and the miles getting there. I can relate to tearing up the first time I signed RN behind my name....a childhood dream come true, in 1979! Ok, you all know I am old now.......


    VGood luck with your test-------I hope you passed!

    Any other oldies out there??
  14. by   mario_ragucci
    What makes you think you are old? Do you have a beef with time? ALL life is great, and when its over, thats it. (morbid)

    When I saw this thread talking about worry, I right away thought of a furby. Few people know about furbys, or how to speak furbish, but if you held the furby upside down- it would respond "WORRRY" so cute......