NCLEX testing center in niagara falls, NY?

  1. hi,

    getting ready for nclex and want to write in niagara falls or buffalo region...can someone pls. post or pm me to let me know if there is one in that general area in NY state. i wasn't able to tell from the addresses listed at the NCLEX website if there are any locations close to me in those areas.

    thanks very much,

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  3. by   dabestrn
    I wrote in bufallo area, I think albany. I stayed in A hotel across the road. I will see if I can figure out where it was exactly for you
  4. by   baseline
    Wal-Mart should know, but if you post the addresses, I mite be able to help you.
  5. by   baseline
    LOL....and Albany isn't exactly in the Bflo area!!! But the weather is just as bad!!!
  6. by   dabestrn
    Healthyone! My mistake. I did write it in the Bufallo area. Within 20 min of the Bufallo border. I live in Guelph, Ont.. I actually wrote it twice there. I guess I was wrong about the Albany thing. You write them at the sylvan learning ctr there. Try looking up Sylvan learning ctr in Bufallo.
  7. by   baseline
    Hey dabestrn, Old neighbors!