NCLEX: Round 2

  1. Well the 90 days are up and my gf is signed up to test on 6/1. Last time she took the test she was under stress of moving out to CA with me and all, so this time the only stress is that she has to pass (not that that isn't enough). So here is my question for those of you who have taken this new format. Are there a lot of fill in the blank questions or do they sporadically pop up? Is there any indication of how you are doing by how many of these new types of questions you get? I assume you have to type your answer to the question...if my assumption is correct, does the response have to be spelled correctly to get it correct, and does it have to be the exact 1 or 2 words, or is there some leeway (eg. entering sheering instead of sheering force). Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    I wouldn't worry about the new question format so much, just make sure that she knows her material. What one person had on a test will not be the same for someone else. Each person that I know who has taken the new format has had the most two questions of the new style, many have had none. Has she been doing review questions every night? She should have been doing about 100 on a daily basis. If she has then she shouldn't have any problems.
  4. by   RNKITTY04
    Really? 100 a day? Wow I never heard that one. I am taking my test in August, I guess I better get to studying. We were given an example of the "new" format yesterday in class, it was a "check all that apply" kind of thing, did'nt seem too bad to me but who knows? Ask me again in August.
  5. by   Nurse-o-Matic
    There is a book out now with the new NCLEX questions. I think it's called The New Format NCLEX or something like that. We were able to look at it at my school. There were fill in the blank, priority, check all that apply, and click on the spot questions. Very hard!
  6. by   suzanne4
    Some nurses get no questions of the new format, the most that anyone has gotten has been two that I am aware of. So I definitely would not stress over this.

    You either know the material by now, or you don't.
  7. by   Yvonne RN-2004
    I took the new format in April and passed. I had about 4 new format questions and of the 4 , two were calculations. Another was check all that apply and click on the picture. They were actually the easier part of the exam.
    The trick is truely practice questions and I heard to due 200-300 per day.
    Good luck...