NCLEX... I'm freaking !! - page 2

Ok, here's is deal..... I've been an LPN for over 15 years... I've never worked acute care. I graduated in December with my RN.... I'm am totally freaking out on taking the boards...... I... Read More

  1. by   scoick
    yes I can find out the results in approximately 2 days.

    I'm doing alot of high 60's on the practice tests now.....
    so I'm very upset.

  2. by   Loubell RN 2B
    Just like everyone said, relax and take a deep breath... You have plenty of experience under your belt and you have reviewed.. That is about all you can do.. Go to bed early tonight, eat a good meal and get up early enough tomorrow to be able to take your time.

    Good Luck and I wish you well.. Let us know how it goes...

  3. by   BranRN
    Good Luck!! You can do it!!

  4. by   sixes
    I don't understan your system. I wrote my provincials RNA 1991 then RN 1992, for the RN we sat for 2 days 4 hours each we answered over 600 questions we need 350 to pass. I never worried I just told myself if I didn't know it now i never would. I was also one of the lucky one's that got the extra test questions on AIDS something we didn't study too much. I scored 525. Good Luck