NCLEX helpful tips??

  1. I am getting ready to graduate in May and I am a terrible test taker as well as tons of anxiety. I need some helpful tips on passing this terrifying test??
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  3. by   TazziRN
    Take your time with each question and read carefully!!! Many of the questions will be worded so that if you're not careful, you will choose the opposite answer than the one desired because of that. Also, keep in mind that more than one question can be correct, and you must choose the most correct one.

    Good luck!
  4. by   ElvishDNP
    The best tip I got from a review course was that NCLEX is always looking for perfect-world answers....always assume you have enough time, staff, & whatever else to do what the right answer is.

    Tazzi is right about reading the questions VERY carefully. Good luck!!

    P.S. And eat before you go take it!
  5. by   AlabamaBelle
    Get a really good night's sleep the night before. Eat a good breakfast. Above all, BREATHE.

    Use those NCLEX practice books and the CD's for computer simulation. When you get an answer wrong, really look at why the answer is wrong. When you are taking the test, as the other posters said, read and re-read the question. Don't put anything into the question. The questions are based on perfect-world situations. Stressed to us was the idea that the test is looking to see what YOU, the Nurse, would do - not the doc, not the chaplain, not anybody else, but YOU.

    The ABC's rule. Look to see if the question is an assessment or is it an action. Remember the nursing process we all learned and use it.

    Practice questions, practice questions, practice questions!!!

    Wishing you success,
    Cindy RN
  6. by   Anagray
    I belive what helped me pass the test is the fact that I took Mosby CD and kept going at it for 15 days straight. My scores terrified me ( usually 60 - 75%), but NCLEX seemed SO much easier than that CD. I passed the test in less than 45 min. Also, I had Mosby drug book, which had herbal meds in the back. I read it - sure enough, there were herbal meds questions on the test.

    Good luck!