nclex freakout

  1. ok i thought i was savvy, i started studying with an NCLEX review book about 4 months before graduation, didn't take a class cuz 1.) I am cheap, naw just broke,...and cheap, and 2.) all the nurses i spoke with about it said it wasn't worthwhile or helpful, and I thought it would be the same for me.

    I took a mosby's assess test in school that said i did well, and that research should that 99% of test takers scoring above ____ pts meant that they would pass NCLEX, so i thought i was all good.

    now it;s getting close to the time i should be getting my authorization to test from the state, and i have been trying to do more study questions and I SUCK!



    AM I GOING TO FAIL NCLEX??????????????

    i am finding discrepancies in my book now and I wonder if i haven't been doing as well as i thought i was...

    are there any tried and true test taking preparations that anyone could suggest??

    I am pretty freaked out....

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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Do NOT freak out....just hang in there....statistically, the odds are overwhelmingly in YOUR FAVOR...NO ONE *want* you to fail. I feel if you did well in school the NCLEX will be a breeze. So in the meantime, review LIGHTLY and RELAX!!! IT really will be FINE! BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU! And welcome to nursing, JoyRochelle! So glad to have you on board.
  4. by   Teshiee
    Hang in there! I know what you are feeling. But you will do fine. I have a test taking anxiety and I take deep cleansing breaths and knock it out. Needless to say I passed my LVN/ and RN boards. I wish you the best please keep us posted. Congradulations on graduation believe it or not you accomplish the hardest task. :-)