1. Hi Everyone,
    I just took my nclex exam last jan. 9,2002. And it took me up to 245 questions. It stop because no more time left for me. I know i didnt make it because most of the question are all new to me and I dont have any clue at all. Im just wandering how could i get my result either by net or phone. Ive read from here before regarding result. I took nclex under california board. Thank you in advance......
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  3. by   Teshiee
    It usually takes about 9-10 business days for them to send your results to you! And they usually say may take up to several weeks. All my classmates only waited for about a week.

    With the new computer system you can't tell how you did! Sometimes it stops at the minimum or the max of 200 plus questions.
  4. by   AmandaRN
    Don't freak out. When I took my test, I had all 245 questions also. I was absolutely positive that I had failed. My test also contained about 1/2 - 3/4 questions that I had no clue as to the answer; I just made the best educated guess that I could. They told me that I could call in 7 days, but I started trying to call the next day, and I found out that I had passed on the 3rd day after I had taken the test. Don't worry.
  5. by   nightingale
    I still get a bit queezy thinking about that test.... I thought I failed too... YOu did your best.. that is all you can do...

    There is a trick to figuring out about the results when you call... something like.... when you call and it tells you the date of your expiration of the RN... that means you passed.... check with your colleagues....

    Good luck to you... and keep us posted....