National Teaching Institute - NTI 2017

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    NTI 2017 is THE premier conference for high acuity and critical care nurses. This conference will reignite your commitment to your practice and our profession with outstanding and diverse learning opportunities and inspirational presentations.

    National Teaching Institute - NTI 2017

    Join AACN as they sponsor the 2017 National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition (NTI) May 22-25th (preconferences May 21st) in Houston, Texas.

    Why should I attend?

    This conference will provide you with evidence-based knowledge, networking opportunities, a view of the latest in critical care developments and a chance to hone your skills. With up to 37.5 hours of continuing education (CE) available, you will have many diverse topics and discussions to experience. There are additional CE hours available via online self-study sessions both during and after the conference.

    Educational sessions

    There are more than 300 educational sessions offered this year that span a wide range of topics including the following.

    For the medical/cardiac critical nurse, there are offerings for hemodynamic monitoring, ECMO, sepsis guidelines review, cardiac surgery, and arrhythmias. Pain management, end-title CO2 monitoring sessions are also available.

    Trauma nurses aren't left out either. There are sessions about multi-organ system failure in the trauma patient, fevers, and pharmacology among others.

    We all worry about documentation, too much, too little, what to chart? There will be sessions about legal scope of practice, drug diversion, critical thinking and how to avoid cognitive errors as well as information about medical marijuana. Networking is a big part of NTI but how to do it successfully? Sign up for the Art of Professional Networking session.

    For the pediatric critical care nurse, there are sessions about child abuse, street drug use, pediatric shock states, poisoning, and early mobilization of the pediatric surgical patient as well as ECMO use for pediatric patients.

    Career enhancement is important - where to go, what certification to obtain, what educational opportunity to sign up for? If these are your concern, then the session Creating a Unit Culture of Professional Advancement is for you.

    Here's the important information you will need to take advantage of this prestigious critical care conference.

    Register by April 5th to take advantage of the early-registration discount.


    While the CE offerings are a tangible reward for attending a conference, the networking and fun that you will enjoy are sometimes of even higher worth. Being a critical care nurse is a tough job - take this time to de-stress, relax, meet new friends, and renew old friendships.

    Networking is one of the best reasons to attend NTI 2017. With over 8000 participants, you will surely find other nurses in similar circumstances. The informal atmosphere of NTI easily lends itself to forming bonds with other critical care nurses.

    Innovative exhibits

    NTI is easily one of the best conferences in the US. With a wide variety of educational offerings and an exhibition hall that rivals a huge nursing mall, NTI is THE conference to attend. This year there will be over 400 exhibitors in the Exhibition Hall ranging from educational institutions, hospitals and facilities looking to fill vacancies, to product demonstrations, and other critical care related items.

    Some of the new and different exhibits for 2017 that are sure to draw a crowd:
    • LTACH area
    • Therapy dogs
    • Body Intact from the University of Texas- a digital body that nurses can interact with to play out real situations.


    Certification shows you have mastered a level of competence in critical care. The Certification Oasis offers a place to rest between sessions and there are informed AACN personnel who can answer your certification questions. There are also sessions devoted to mastering certification exams.


    And when you have down time? Well, Houston has a lot to offer. It is a financial hub as well as home to the aerospace industry there is much to do and explore while you visit this beautiful city. Celebrate and enjoy a spectacular Nurses' Night Off af the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

    NTI Frequently Asked Questions

    If you've never attended NTI, you might have questions like the following:
    • How do I register for NTI?
    • How do I register for Sunrise Sessions?
    • How do I make changes to my registration after I have registered?
    • Can I register on-site?
    • Can I bring my kids or a guest to NTI?
    • How do I plan my schedule?

    For the answers to these and other questions about the conference, go here.

    For answers about how to get to Houston or where to stay - Click here.

    The convention center is huge so knowing where to go and how to get there is also important - you don't want to be late for that much-anticipated conference session. This link will help you to navigate the convention center.

    Take advantage of this opportunity; come to NTI 2017 where you will learn, laugh and enjoy several days of learning and fun!

    "So inspirational. It is the best way that I know of that a critical care nurse can recharge his or her batteries. It makes you realize that on your worst shift, you are not alone. We are all in it together. The educational activities are evidence-based and relevant, bringing new cutting edge information to light or are great as a refresher as well. Having the ability to access the material on-line after the conference is over is very helpful." 2016 NTI attendee
    Register today.

    Why NTI?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Even though I am not a critical care nurse, I have attended three NTI conferences (Orlando '12, Boston '13 and Denver '14) to assist with the booth.

    The passion and interest level that the masses of critical care nurses displayed for their specialty was astounding. It was also cool to see nurses from around the country and the world.