NANDA: Energy Field Disturbance Diagnosis - page 2

While studying Carpenito, I came across this diagnosis. It's pretty cool, and I wonder if anyone here has actually used it as a diagnosis. According to Carpenito, it represents a specific... Read More

  1. by   thisnurse
    i wish i had known about that dx. i would have used it for
  2. by   nurs4kids
    I think it has no place in medicine and actually think it's a bunch of hogwash, BUT I have to admit one thing that happened to me..

    Keep in mind that I don't buy any of this BS.

    My friend's mom practices Reki. After months and months of pushing, she convinced me to "sit under her lights and allow her to work on my magnetic fields". I had a cold at the time and a smoker's cough, so she was going to "balance my lungs". Sooo, skeptically, I agreed. Well, I fought hysterical laughter the entire session, but one thing did happen that was weird. My lungs didn't get any better, but my damn knee.. man, at some point she was over my leg doing her "magic" and I feel this rolling sensation in my patella...yes, kinda like something had been pulled from my knee. Didn't really hurt, was just a weird feeling. The next day, my damn knee was killing me. I'd never had knee problems in my life. The knee got better over time, still gets aggravated occassionally. My cold went away, as most do, in a few weeks (yeah I know, it takes a few weeks for the energy fields to become stable ). I figure it was more likely related to a muscle strain from trying not to laugh and pee on myself throughout the whole thing.

    I know we all have energy fields, but I can't buy the fact that some have "powers" greater than others. "Powers" that allow them to heal. This woman is a devot Catholic, and I once asked her how she tied this whole thing in with her religion. She gave me some off the wall answer about God choosing her to heal.

    I don't buy any of it for a second, and it has absolutely NO place in a profession. Leave the magic for the circus!!
  3. by   nicola
    I'm Catholic, too, and don't see any conflict between HT or reiki or any other modality and my beliefs. I also don't believe that I'm chosen by God to heal or anything, but that we all have the potential for this kind of healing in us. When I practice HT, I believe that I'm using the healing power of the Holy Spirit and that's who I ask for help!