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I know some of you guys have been up on what kinds of cardiac things and some others going on along with it and am scheduled to drive to New Orleans, Louisiana to have a cardiac surgeon take a look... Read More

  1. by   sissiesmama
    Well, I had my cardiac surgery on June 30th, and am doing well. A lot of my symptoms have either subsided or at least lessened a great deal. I've been behaving myself most of the time and following the docs orders to the tee, so to speak. The only complaint I have had was that I had put on about 10 lbs within about 3 days - needless to say, I was chapped, but hoping it was just the IV fluids. Surely it couldn't have been the hospital food. Yuck! I follow up with my cardiologist next week for a recheck.

    Got the bill from the hospital in the mail today. I was terrified to open it, for fear that it would be horrible, since my other medical bills ream us. I was floored when I opened it and saw the total, over 48, 000 bucks. After I got my breath, I kept reading, and the balance we are responsible for was ZERO! Couldn't believe it but I sure won't argue abut that! Today's been kind of a crappy day, so that made up for it big time!

    Anne, RNC