My Hat Is Off To

  1. I recently met a nurse who works in the Burn Unit.

    The BU to me is a place of unending torment. Dressing changes are torture, pain relief is often inadequate, there is severe emotional trauma to process. There is the unending question of "Why", especially if the pt is not at all at fault for the cause of his/her current condition. It is just hell on earth.

    Yet, this nurse had the ability to look past all of the physical and mental pain her patients had to endure. What she saw was that she was able to help them get through it. And she saw a lot of them when they came back for scar revisions, etc. She saw the good results of her labors, in reality and in her mind while the patients were still in the BU initially.

    My hat is really off to this truly inspiring, precious nurse.
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  3. by   sallyrnrrt
    I totally agree with you ...
    Thank you for a great observation....