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  1. After just having dealt with the other side of the issue I have alot to say. First off their a good and bad nurses! Some are lazy. Don't want to do anything if their life depended on it. some are absolutly fab! I had the pleasure and pain of both. the female in question was a nasty young know it all @$%^H! She was rude, you know the peppy holier than thou type. wouldn't say crap if her mouth was full of it type. thank god she had to leave and I got the nurse from heaven. He was wonderful. He was incredibly busy but took the time to care. I go to a very busy clinic. I had very sever pnemonia following a surgery and have basically been ill for over a month now. I am finally on the mend but had to withdraw from classes this semester. As I had no strenght.Why am i saying all of this. i see all the whinning. I read all the comments. Is this what nursing is all about? I am going to be a nurse. I want to be paid well. I will tell you what when you make 6 buks an hour 14-20 sure sounds good to me.I have watched nurses stations,and I am sorry but running is not what I see. I see nursing playing solitare. I had tyhe pleasure of being a house keeper in a hospital for a time. It was certainly an education. I saw things like nurses sleeping in their cozy little lounge. Watching t.v. yes alot of them worked hard but they also played ahrd as well. I stayed on my feet for my shift. there is no cozy lounge for the scuz of the hospital right? I had three nurses that said anything to me. the rest I was dirt on their shoe, why is that because they assume that because your a housekeeper your unintelligent. I am here to tell all of you to get down off your high horse. Realize for one minute that you go to the bathroom just like everyone else!Even the queen has to pee. If you chose nursing then love it. I thanked everyone that gave me help when i was ill. the ones that took the extra time to care are so special to me.Remember that patients are scared and sometime the best gift you can give them is to hold their hand. If your charting doesn't get done then maybe someone will finally start asking why. Is that possible. also if you want more ask for it. I heard more nursing whine about their no pay less breaks crap but guess what I had one nurse who always found time to go to a clean bathroom marked for patients only and use that one. I guess this nursing thing looks mighty different depending on what side of the fence your on. If you don't like what I say debate it,prove me wrong. If you don't like how your treated change it. You have a voice. More pay ,better treatment. It all can happen.
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    I agree that house keeping personel are treated badly and paid badly in some places. Good luck if you go into nursing, you might get a shock when you take some of those classes. They are very, very difficult, it takes a lot of commitment to get through them. I know people who where psych or sociology majors who breezed through to their degrees. They then decided to go into nursing and had a real hard time.
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    I am so sorry that you feel that way. I am not a nurse but I have worked as a nursing assistant for several years. I understand some of your frustrations. I am glad that you realize that there are good and bad nurses. It sounds to me like you need to go to school and study nursing. College changed my life I now have a different attitude towards nursing. Do not be intimidated by people who have more education than you. Do realize that anyone can go to college and do well. I did not study nursing in college. I wanted to be a prison special ed teacher. I am now pursuing my Masters degree in something that means so much to me. I still work as a nurses aid, but I no longer am intimidated by the professional nurses. I learned that professionals bring people up with them. They are humble but very smart, they use their power to lift other people up. I want you to be the type of a professional when you become a nurse.

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    I see where you are coming from. When I was a student nurse I ran into a lot of nurses who did'nt want to take the time to show me a procedure because I was a student. I felt like screaming "you where once a student too!" Once you get treated bad by a bad nurse she makes you realize that you will never be like that as a person.
    Good luck!