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  1. Hey there
    Im living in Japan, and have been for the last 6 months because of my husbands job. I am very luck to have a job teaching English, HOWEVER... I miss nursing a lot, and I really want to get back to it, and as cute as the kids are, I dont have to use my brain at all.

    I graduated in 2004, in New Zealand, with a Bachelor of Nursing. Unfortunately because we have had to move around the world a lot with my husbands job, I have only had about 9 months full time nursing experience, (in NZ). Its looking like I will be in Japan for a long time though, and I am trying to get information about nursing on an American military base here, which is fairly close to my home. I have been talking to a guy whos wife is a nurse there, and she thinks it maybe possible for me to nurse there, but she is not sure about the reciprocity between NZ and the USA. I think i would have to take the NCLEX but not sure what else and how to go about this.

    Any info anyone has at all would be so helpful. I cant teach english forever, and my japanese is not what it could be, nursing in the japanese system is really not an option, from what I have seen of the primary and secondary care.

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  3. by   GatorRN
    I would suggest asking at the base itself what the requirements are, they would surely know. You could also check out a Board of Nursing website here in the states or NZ, for that matter, the requirements should be outlined there as well. Hope this helps some. Good luck.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Hi there. I agree that checking out the base human resources office is where to start. Overseas at US military bases, you are only required to have a nursing license from one of the US states. Good luck.

    Other ideas might be to teach at a Japanese University. I know the English tutoring thing is really common in the Far East.

    We lived at Yokota AB in Tokyo from 79-82, got married there and our first son was born there. Loved Japan.

    Good luck.