Multiple position changes... same organization

  1. Hi all.. a quick question for my more experienced colleagues. I started working 14 months ago in long term care and after 8 months transferred into public health. Both positions are for the same employer (the municipal government). I have now been in public health for 6 months. Is it too soon to move into another posting for the same employer? I don't want to be seen as flighty, or for my moves to raise red flags for future employers. But I also don't feel as if I've found my niche yet, and there are lots of positions offered by my employer that I am qualified for. What do you guys think? Would 3 different positions for the same employer in 14 months be a red flag to you?

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  3. by   dishes
    It will likely be difficult to convince a new manager and colleagues that it's worth their time and effort to invest in training you, especially since the reason you give for changing jobs, is that you are trying to find your niche.
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  4. by   RNNPICU
    Why are you wanting to move again after only 6 months? You have not yet even given this job a chance to possibly be your niche. You may not even be eligible for a transfer. People talk within the same organization, and it may be concerning that you do not want to stay in one place and learn skills and become involved in your new area.
  5. by   amoLucia
    Unless the job positions reflect upward career mobility with expected salary increases, then yes, your freq job changes may look problematic to others.