Moving to Sedona Arizona from Mass

  1. Okay
    My husband and I want to relocate. Has anyone worked as a nurse in the
    Sedona area? I have been a nurse in home health care for the past ten years. Before that I worked for 7 years in the hospital, I would rather starve
    than go back to hospital nursing after so many years out.
    Has anyone done such a crazy thing??
    We are flying out to look at houses, but we both need to work.
    Help is greatlyappriciated.
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  3. by   Town & Country
    I was going to say get with an agency, but if you've been with Home Health exclusively, you may not be able to use their services. I think they mainly place hospital nurses.
    But I would try, anyway.
    I'd also go out there FIRST and make sure I wanted to move there but picking up and doing it.
    You may not even like the place.
  4. by   suzanne4
    You may also want to look in the Payson area for work. May actually find more there, and it isn't too far away. But remember that area will have snow in the winter, not the same weather as Phoenix because of the elevation.

    Good luck on your move.
  5. by   Sammie
    Thanks for the feedback, we are flying back out in April to make sure
    we are not nuts. Plan on renting short term before we buy a house.