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  1. Hi,

    I have decided to move to Melbourne, Florida from Texas to be with my family. I am an RN with Labor and Delivery, NICU, OB/GYN
    experience, as well as 3 years management experience in the Nursery and NICU area. I was wondering if anyone can help me with information on applying for an out of state license. What does it entail? Where do I go to apply? or who do I contact? are there any special requirements? I have no idea which direction to go for information to get this done. I also would love to hear from personal experiences on what it's like in Melbourne, Florida, what kind of opportunities and such. Would love to hear from you and would appreciate any advice or help in making the decision and move.....any contacts would be great too....
    Thank you in advance...I look forward to hearing from you....
    ps ...I have over 10 years experience....thanks....!
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  3. by   RNinMay
    I live in the Tampa area. Melbourne is on the other side of the state, and I don't know much about it. However I do know you will be very near some beautiful beaches!!!
    Try going to to look for info about licensure. You should be able to find what you are looking for under licensing/permitting, I believe. I think you can print the application right from the internet.

    Good Luck to you!!
  4. by   sammy26
    Thank you so much for your quick reply and direction...exactly what I was/am needing some sort of do you like it in Florida? I have relatives in Orlando and Melbourne....but decided is right on the beach....I am very excited and will take your advice immediately....
    have a great day....Samantha
  5. by   RNinMay
    My husband is a Firefighter in Orange County (Orlando). He just started with that dept, which explains us living way over on the west coast. I work at a hospital in Clearwater. We will probably move in the next couple of years just so he can be closer to work.
    We haven't decided where we want to live, though. I grew up on the east coast in the Ormond Beach/Daytona area, and I love that side of FL.

    Melbourne is much smaller than Orlando. Orlando is full of tourists, venues, entertainment, lots of tourists, it is one of the biggest cities in FL. And I'm sure you know that ALL of FL is swarming with retirees. My street is half snowbirds (retirees who winter in FL). So in the hospitals here we have the "season," when census is high because the snowbirds are here! Of course if you work L & D, none of this will apply to you With you being in the woman's health area, one thing I do know about Melbourne is that there is BIG unrest in that community over abortion. I am pretty sure an MD who did abortions was shot a few years ago there (could be longer, the years are flying by!).

    Go to
    you can get the magazine just for FL, and there are all kinds of employment ads! That may help you on your job search.
    When are you moving?
  6. by   sammy26
    Thanks for your reply.....I presently live in a tourist town where it is not uncommon for there to be over 100,000 tourists in town on any given weekend....we have the river....and schlitterbahn (the largest water park in the US), and in the summer the streets are filled with out of state license plates from Minnesota, Wisconsin and such....we get tons of I understand completely where your coming I am very excited about the prospect of Florida, I first went to Florida when I turned 17, to Fortlauderdale was awesome...and you can imagine, I was in seventh heaven when all the Navy ships came in...guys everywhere...and I mean young teens dream....
    thanks for the site....I'll try it right away....good luck to you and your husband....Orlando is nice grandfather lives there.
    take care....Samantha
  7. by   bagladyrn
    Just a quick note-I'm a traveler who spends every winter in Florida. Apply for your Florida license ASAP. Not difficult-just that it can take quite a long time to receive, especially in the late summer/fall when many are going there and applying
  8. by   catrn30
    Contact Florida Board of Nursing at (904) 858-6940. The line is frequently busy so keep trying. Tell them that you need the fingerprint cards, if you don't have them within one week -keep calling (took me 23 days to get fp cards!). Print up the Nursing License by endorsement off their web site at
    and get started. You need to have your MD sign that you are in good health, send a verification form to Texas DON to verify your license, If I remember correctly Texas RN's also need to do one other thing. The instructions are comprehensive and include a checklist but there are alot of hoops to jump through. Licensure by endorsement is $203 and turnaround time is 4-8 weeks.
    You may want to consider getting your first job via a travel agency, I am also moving in a few months and this is the route I am taking to start with. Immed health insurance, better pay than any hospital could offer me and what was most important my housing is covered bc I am not certain that the area I am headed for is def where I want to be. Good luck!!!
  9. by   CC NRSE

    As previously posted, FL does take ALONG time (6-8wks) to obtain your license. The pay in Fl is not all that great as you have probable read but the bennies (BEACH among other things!!! ie great seafood!!! ) make up for it as far as I am concerned. Don't know what your background is, but I have a friend who just moved to Orlando (ORMC) for a $15,000 bonus for Open Heart!!!! I think that was for 2yrs but you are paid on a monthly basis so if you leave before 2 yrs, you still get a bonus with nothing to pay back. I also know someone who works at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne. He says it is a great place to work. It is a smaller hospital (than ORMC). From what I hear, staffing is good there. Best of luck to you!!!

  10. by   KarenHalse
    Samantha, I have just recently moved back home to Melbourne and I would be happy to help with any questions. I work in a surgery center (Healthsouth) but I did interview with Holmes before I moved here. Be sure and ask for relocation assistance because you can get it. I came from N. Alabama and the pay here is better that there. Also, no state income tax. Please feel free to write me @ if I can be of assistance to you. Karen