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I'm planning to relocate to Apache Junction, AZ in the spring. Does anyone have hospitals or clinics they can recommend. I don't want to commute to Phoenix, so I'm looking for something closer-like... Read More

  1. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Also, as a new grad RN in 2000, I was offered a starting wage of only $14./hr by Scottsdale Memorial. And... I had 7 years LPN experience and 2 years + CNA experience. I told them, thanks but no thanks.
  2. by   ASU_Sdvls
    Hellllllo Nurse,
    I don't blame you for refusing $14.00/hr. I think that's chicken feed, considering that Scottsdale is probably the second most expensive city to live in the metro Phoenix area, topped only by Paradise Valley. Hopefully the hospitals in the Valley of the Sun realize that, even though the weather there is nice, nurses still need to pay their bills.
  3. by   Going80INA55
    Andy, was the $4,000 a sign on bonus or for relocating expenses. I have looked on their website and it did not mention anything about relocation or sign on bonuses?

    Can you AZ nurses tell us some of the nursing ratios on the floors?
  4. by   ASU_Sdvls

    I talked to a nurse recruiter at Thunderbird Samaritan. She indicated that there is a $4,000 relocation bonus, which is paid up front and not in increments. She did say that one has to work there for a year. So I guess it is both a relocation and a sign-on bonus for out of state people wanting to move to Arizona.

    With regards to ratio in critical care, it is mostly 1:1. However, she did mention that it could get as high as 3:1. I do not know anything regarding other types of units since I only asked about critical care areas.
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  5. by   Desert Rat
    Welcome to AZ. Most people are leaving now though, not coming here. Hope you survive your first summer. Valley Lutheran is closest to AJ, and is Banner facility. Know some nurses who have been there a while. Desert Samaritan is next closest big facility, also Banner. Hubby had ortho surgery last summer and the ortho floor was great. The nurses there liked it and the hospital was trying for magnet status. Ratio on ortho days was 1:4-5 with a tech for each 9 and a clerk. If you want to experience a more rural atmosphere, check out Cobre Valley in Globe--about 45 min. scenic drive. Know lots of nurses that commute to Mesa from Globe and vice versa.