Moving forward or backward as a HN

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    I did it as a "Favor" for when our HN had to leave on a family emerg(2weeks). At first it was great , then reality kicked in and all the nurses that I worked with thought that was the time to "change" things...... It became a nightmare I had to be the Hag I always accused our HN of being. I was thankful she returned.
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    Come on guys,surley there are more replies to this thread,come on join the fun.
  5. by   Audreyfay
    I have my MSN in Nursing Administration. When I graduated I was very ambitious and accepted a position as an assistant nurse manager on a med/surg unit in LosAngeles. The biggest mistake of my life. Due to my attempt, I decided I never want to do it again. You suddenly become the middle man, who is pushed from the top and from the bottom. You have no friends. You can't possible work hard enough to satisfy anyone but yoursef. Go ahead and try it. Then you'll know if you want to do it again. But... my best advice is to MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE A MENTOR/ SUPPORT PERSON you can go to for questions/problems and advice. I had no one except for the other AHN who was disliked by all the staff. Good luck! But, who might be that one special HN that we all wish we could work with! :kiss
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    Sorry about the typos. I'm playing at work (Telephone Triage), so I try to get my 2 cents in before the phone rings again!
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    i have also done the hn position and it is not fun. as stated you cant work hard enough to satisfy everyone.
    middle mngt is having one foot on the first rung of the mngt ladder and the other firmly planted on the ground--- and then trying to walk.
    it is not for everyone. but good luck.

    audreyfay so you do telephone triage. there is a area on this site just for triage, we would love to have you.
    i do triage myself. i really enjoy it. my job is more disease management/ triage.

    so i take it you dont use your nurse admin degree?
    how do you like triage nursing?
  8. by   Gardengal
    I have been a unit manger several times and in several hospitals. it really depends on the place and you as to whether it's a rewarding experience or not. I have loved and hated the job. If you feel interest in it, it could be a good opportunity for you to try it on a temporary basis.

    If you are only doing it for a month though you probably will only get a feel for the frustrations of the job, since most of the satisfiers are more long term gratifiers. It's not a job for everyone, but some of us really like it-despite the well acknowledged frustrations.