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In general, what is your favorite diagnosis to take care of? I liked Tricyclic OD's (cause they could really crash sneaky and fast); unstable GI bleeds, acute respiratory failure, acute asthmatics... Read More

  1. by   galenight
    Great Post!

    HMMM there are so many favorites---I work rural ER, I really like the very sick ones.. AAA, MI, terribly wounded.. those that need FlightCare...It's amazing how quickly we can get them out of there! (We have only 1 general surgeon on staff, No specialties). It's also amazing how much we can do with only 2 nurses and 1 doc to stabalize the patient for transport.

    What I hate.... hmmm attempted suicides.. people who want pity, our regular drug seekers and our (2) regular doc stalkers. Most psych, and people with NO VEINS!!!!!
  2. by   mustangsally
    Least favorites: any kind of drug resistant disease MRSA, VRE; ortho, any ortho; the needy ETOH w/d frequent fliers;

    Favorites: challenging families and patients (usually, but not always); abdominal surgeries (not hernias); mastectomies; gyn surgeries; dementia patients; geriatric patients
  3. by   JennieBSN
    Okay, like Susy, mine are OB cases...

    Favorite: severe pre-eclamptic creeping towards hellp syndrome, pt. that comes in fully dilated and the doc is 10 minutes away, pt. with 'icky' fhr tracing, and of course CRASH C-SECTIONS...YEAH, BUDDY!!

    Least favorite: prodromal labor (oh, dear GOD...anything but THAT), wanna be's who giggle and tell you 'ooo! I just had a contraction! (just go the hell home and quit occupying my delivery room), primip who comes in breathing and rocking with a doula and a stereo w/Enya playing that's a fingertip dilated and a birth plan 4 pages long, PHYSICIANS OR PHYSICIANS' WIVES (just shoot me NOW), stupid teenagers more interested in talking on the phone and hanging out with their 'homies' watching MTV than the fact that they will soon be delivering a 24 weeker. And of course...PSYCH. Unless it's a rape case or an IUFD, which is the only kind of psych I do and enjoy.

    Interesting thread...most of you guys are such adrenaline junkies...myself included, I confess .
  4. by   ERDIVA2B
    I used to work in a level 1 trauma center, now I'm in a Psych facility while I finish the last 9 months of my LPN-RN transition program.

    Most liked: Any traumas-MVA, GSW and they're ok., Chest Pains, my sweet Psych adolescents, & chemical depents. I'm patient with the kids when no one else wants to work with them. I'm on to my CD patients and their manipulative ways but I enjoy them.

    Least liked: Frequent flyers that tell you how to do your job, rich folk who think you are their slave, H-addicts-very nasty bunch, anyone with bad veins!!, and GI bleeds! An odiferous aroma you will never forget! Oh yeah, the bum the paramedics found behind the liquor store covered in his own feces, and bugs! Drunk as a skunk! There were s**t flies in the ER for hours!
  5. by   jamistlc

    Antenatal on bedrest, you can do education and they can not find something better to do, like go down to the caffetria! Also Motivated and determined moms with a Birth Plan that includes no Epi, No Fetal monitoring and up ad lib! I must also say those with a plan that does not restrict PO intake!


    Geriatrics and psych! These are however what I do most as an agency nurse. You can also add corrections which I have not done in years but it is not nursing or even medicine, it is wharehousing just like those other two I mentioned I hate the most!
  6. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I'm a bit of an adrenalin junkie, like so many of you are. I like the multiple trauma (like the kid who was changing seats at 60mph with the driver in a Jeep with no top... ended up losing his right leg at the hip and his best friend), newly dx'd brain tumors, septic shock and epiglottitis.

    Really hate the toddler in status asthmaticus (they scream their face off for hours of back-to-back masks), attempted hangings (because of the psych stuff... never know if I should ask them why [or IF] they wanted to die), and burns. Also would rather not be shut up in an isolation room with a kid on HFOV... unless I have a really good book with me!
  7. by   Brunhylda
    This is a fantastic topic!

    Most Faves: Geri's I love those stories. Oncology. AIDS patients. Grandiose thinkers can be fun. Any patient that greets each day with a smile through difficult diagnoses. R/O any cardiac.

    Least Faves: COPD with pneumonia smokin' in the bathroom thinking it won't be noticed. (you guessed it true story). GI bleed. Anything producing excessive mucous. VOMITING!!!!! Yuck! Pediatrics are tough-- mostly because I am not great with the parents. Amputees.
  8. by   Rogaia
    My Favorite is Diabete( Type1) paediatric patients.
    I like to work with the children and their families who are
    co-oprative and keen to listen for knowledge and informations about diabetes ,its treatment and complications.

    I love them very much.

    least is psychatric patients
    I feel like unable to work with them.

  9. by   Magicat
    Favorite DX &/or situation: EVERYTHING

    Least liked DX &/or situation: EVERYTHING

    No, really, I like just about everything, but there are days when I would rather have 6 or 7 comatose pts who are medically stable, know what I mean?

    I work MS/ICU. I love Criticals, Orthos, especially joint replacements, A/O geris, frequent fliers and their families (worked LTC as a CNA and CMA for 15 yr).

    I guess I could say...depends on what day it is!?!?!?

  10. by   lv2ski
    I agree with kewlnurse and some others...I find it extremely hard to care for ETOH withdrawels! Many of the docs just don't know and care about treating withdrawel. Really any out of control psych case is out of my league, yuk!
    I'll stick with acute surgicals, etc. Stuff that is more to the point.
  11. by   radnurse2001
    I most like to sedate children. the least would be GI bleeders
  12. by   zenmaster
    I'm not so sure I really have a 'fav." diagnosis, or even one I really hate. I do, however have personality types of patients who I either sympathize with or, absolutely do not tolerate. Among the patients who I absolutely do not tolerate are "slugs" who do not even attemt to get better, to the point of not trying to lift a washcloth when one is handed to them, or even try to comprehend the teaching that you are so desperately trying to give away. I am not talking people who are in denial, but genuine slugs. We have all had a few in our days, I'm sure. The patients who I can sympathise with are usually the one others hate so much i.e. COPDers, massive poopers,chronic bell ringers, and even an occational patient or family who think we are handmaidens. After all, these people must have a perception of what a nurse is. Right or wrong, I find it my duty to either change that perception, or try to understand, and be compassionate towards them. I mean some people out there just truley do not understand us, and who am I to put my standards on them?
  13. by   Banshee
    Most fav-watching someone who is "circling the drain" make a recovery. Esp bad accidents in younger people.
    Least fav- anyone with $ and assumed power pushing their weight around and making threats-especially when their drunk!