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I'm a mom of 4 kids (3, 5, 7, 9) a student right now, soon to be an RN. I just wondered how those of you who also have young children or large families juggle the 2 roles. I know there will be a lot... Read More

  1. by   rn2bnok
    Wow! you guys are amazing. I'm trying to find a good organization system for the family. Rigth now my husband works nights (supposed to be 2nd shift) but leaves at 3pm gets home at 4am. So he's not a lot of help right now, he's looking for a day shift position to transfer to though. Anywho....I'm looking for something to help me keep everyone's everything in line so I can try to remember stuff and keep up with it. Love the freezer cooking idea and the crockpot is my favorite invention ever, next to my smart phone!! lol
  2. by   ixchel
    A smart phone is a must!!!! Get one that will seamlessly sync your calendars between you, your hubby and your computer and/or e reader. And make sure the calendars auto sync. I have an iPhone, iPad and MacBook. I live and die by my calendar. If its not on there, it doesn't exist. Period.

    I have 2 kiddos, a hubby on second shift and I'm in my first semester of a BSN program. My first year of prereqs, both kids were he with me. My second year, they both were in school full time. I can't tell you the massive difference. The best advice I can give any mom is wait until they are in school full time if you don't have family that you can regularly call on for hours-long blocks of time. You don't just need time for classes, you need time for studying. My husband had a hard time getting that. He thought time out of class was free time. (Don't even ask what his college gpa was lol)

    We have honestly not made a plan for when school is done. I'm leaning toward working nights, but my husband's schedule does make things complicated. We still have a year and a half to figure that out.

    Slow cookers are great, planning meals and shopping ahead, having your kids help you study (kids LOVE this, especially little ones!), and religiously following a calendar have been my saving graces. I've also obsessively planed every step of my journey far in advance so there are no surprises.
  3. by   kmarie724
    I work full time evening (3-11:30 pm) and have two kiddos, ages 3.5 and 10 months. Right now, working evenings is great because I have the mornings free to spend with my kids, run errands, clean the house, etc. But I don't want to be working evening once my oldest starts school because I would only see her in the morning before school then she would be in bed when I get home. One thing that helps me a lot is on my days off I cook extra portions of all meals so I have leftovers to eat at work. And just accept your house will be a disaster most of the time. If we have clean clothes and dishes and the floors are reasonably clean, I consider it good.