Moaning session!

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    Ever had those days where things just go wrong from beginning to end?
    Well, just had one of those days ( yesterday! ).
    I left my house the same time as normal. I got to the tube station and the sign on the board said: 'Minor Delays' so I thought ok then... so I proceeded with caution. Then about 10minutes after, the train arrived . Of course there's pauses before arriving from one station to the other. :angryfire Finally got there in the pouring rain ( of course!! this is England after all I thought ). As soon as the hand over finished I was told that our 2 HCA's haven't arrived and there was no sign of them arriving either. Rang the agency and after an unbelievable discussion on the phone, I found out that someone has big time messed up the booking! Trying to calm down and composed myself I carried on. I took more patients than normal coz the other staff were brand new to the floor + trying to co-ordinate the ward. Seeing that I was already ran off my feet + my bleep non - stopped bleeping, my patients who are normally quite 'understanding' and socially reasonable decided to compete for my attention + I had a couple of patients who were just off this planet! On top of all that I had Dr's chasing me up & down the ward asking for things as they couldn't be bothered use their own eyes and decided to use mine instead to look for things! ( ie. using their mouths rather than their eyes and telling me to look for 'em as they couldn't ).
    To top it all, as the afternoon came on and fast, the Nurse who was supposed to be taking over the patient load of the nurse on an early didn't realized she was supposed to be working and was no way going to turn up as she lived on the other side of the country! ( Not really but she may as well have said that! ). So I had moaning Nurses breathing down my neck + mouthy Doctors and impatient patients! :flamesonb Was I ready to explode?! Oh YES!!!!
    Then just as I was about ready to fall to bits and cry, one of my normally confused and stubborn patient said to me on a quiet voice; ' You're a very good worker'. Then there it was..... the forgotten answer to my nagging question; Why am I a Nurse. :angel2:

    Anyone else need to get something off their chest? Do tell.
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  3. by   scrmblr
    very nice post. It really is those still small voices that make it worth it.
  4. by   ArmyMSN
    :wink2: :wink2: :wink2: :wink2: :wink2: :wink2: :wink2:
  5. by   weirdRN
    The thing that makes me feel best is when one of them will say,"I love you honey, you're the best."

    That is the only reason I stay in nursing. Seriously! The money just isn't worth it even if it is good.
  6. by   XB9S
    We have all had days like that, it is the little things that get us through them. Hope you put your feet up when you got home or just went straight to your local pub and relaxed with some friends
  7. by   Era
    Most definitely! A little bit of chin wag and a drink helps loads!