MO Ventilator long-term care

  1. I am looking for a long term care facility in the Kansas City, MO area for a family that has a geriactric family member that is now vent dependent.

    Any suggestions. I have called the MO Ombudsman, but have not received any answers yet.:uhoh21:
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi Mary - by going through the Missouri Medicaid system - you should be able to get a list of "exceptional level of care" facilities. You might also contact the discharge planner or case manager where this pt current is - and they should be able to provide you some options. good luck...judi
  4. by   Headhurt
    I know of one facility here that specializes in Vent patients. It used to be called VenCore...but now it is called Kindred Hospital. I bunch of my classmates did clinicals there, and they seemed to enjoy it.

    Good luck!