Mixing IV meds - page 2

Hi all, I am a relatively new nurse and had never considered mixing IV meds together before administration. This was never something that came up in school, nor something I ever saw during... Read More

  1. by   lisab82
    i work in the uk as children's nurse and i always give my iv med separate
    as others said if my patient react to a drug id like to know which one , plus if your giving one medication for example in uk we used metronidazole and cefuroxime for post appendix patients now these two drug can be mixed, and i see fellow nurses do this

    if you mixed the above two drugs for example one an infusion over 30 minutes the other a slow bolus if the cannula tissued during the infusion how do you know how much they had of each drug , least if you give the slow bolus first and it fine and then the cannula tissues during infusion then at least you know they had the one drug.
  2. by   meandragonbrett
    I'll mix morphine, versed, phenergan, and dilaudid. That's all though.