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hey guys, i have a few questions and have no idea how to start to find my answers. my fiance is thinking about re-enlisting in the army. he tried airforce but they are not taking any re-enlists... Read More

  1. by   traumarns
    wow, thanks for all the replies.
    you guys KNEW exactly what some of my worries were.

    job. would i be able to find a job easily. it sounds as if that may be true. and they would help. that is a relief. i only have 1 yr icu experience, but only 6 months off orientation. i still feel as if i am in orientation. i am still REALLY GREEN. actually if we get stationed here in the states and it is relatively close to civilization, i'm not too worried about finding a job. it is if we do get stationed overseas. my question was basically exactly what lpntobsn asked. eric asked his recruiter, but he of course, had no idea.

    cheer, did you have a choice of what unit in the hospital you wanted to work? i really want to stay in critical care, whether it be icu, er, or pacu. or as a civilian, did they place you where there were openings. (on a side notes, your posts always make me chuckle)
    i have no desire to actually JOIN the army myself. i dont have that kind of discipline, nor do i wish to. i am more of a rebellous type. just ask my dad.

    I know eric will be much happier being back in the military. he NEEDS the discipline. besides i think it would help our relationship if somebody else "nagged" him about getting certain things done.
    lately he seems to be the king of the procrastinators club. but i gotta say, since he got the bug in his head to re-enlist, he has moved rather quickly.
    in fact, he told me tonight he wants to sign his paper work probably within the next couple of weeks. YIKES.

    geez, we are not even married YET. only engaged. now mind you we have already decided nothing big. we decided something really small, quiet and no DRAMA!!!!!! now it looks like a little thing at the court house with a friend or two in attendance.

    eric said the recruiter said he could get something like a 5 grand if he reenlisted in the infintry. he said no, he would NEVER be home. he also refused to go back in the rangers for the same reason. i dont think i would mind SOME apartness. you know absence makes the heart grow fonder. besides we do much better together if we are NOT together all the time. i do know i would be very worried, upset, nervous if he got deployed to the middle east right away. war worries me to death. he does not seem to worried about it.
    it is really good to know that for those of you who have long seperations from your spouses that you are able to be in contact with them daily. and that you have support from other spouses.
    it sounds like the military, or maybe actually it is the spouses, do a really good job mentoring "newbies"

    i have heard that military health benes are not the greatest, but from what you all say sounds like the docs seem pretty good. that is a relief. especially needed to hear that in case we do have to move overseas right away. i aint getting younger, and we discussed the need to think seriously about planning a family with in the next year or two.

    what is the housing like? both for those that take/took military housing here in the states, and those that were stationed overseas. i have read that it pretty much sucks in germany. it is mostly apartment living, small apartments i think is what erics mom said. i have read houses are few and far between.
    does the military give you information on housing benefits when they tell you where you will be posted? will we have any kind of choice?
    i understand officers get first pick but eric wont be an officer until he gets his bsn. he has his adn right now. his plans are to continue with school as active duty. wants to eventually become a pa.

    i understand dont bring EVERYTHIGN you own if you go overseas, but to decide what to bring, i guess i would need floor plans and square footage of the rooms. does the army supply you with that information if you asked? if we got stationed in the states, i dont think we would be tied to living on the base so that would be a non issue.

    did any of you go overseas with your dogs, or cats? we have one of each. how does that work. how long do the animals have to be quarantined? how did you guys and your 'family members" handle the long commute overseas?

    sjoe, thanks for suggesting there be a military forum here. i think it is a great idea. it looks like there are many military nurses out who visit here.

    my fingers and brain hurts now. lol.
    take care
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  2. by   LPNtoBSNstudent
    Hmmm, Ok, well as far as quarentening animals, each country has different regulations (I believe Germany is 6 months).
    My DH is an E-5 and we have wonderful housing (Kansas). I absolutely love our place. It is plenty big enough for our family (a 4 bedroom) and it is modern and nice. Maintenance takes care of everything lickity split. Even had a tree stump in the back yard when we got here and called them to ask if they could pull it up and they did. We live side by side with other people (their quarters touch ours) , so in a way it is like apartment living, because it isn't a house to ourselves. KWIM? That is the only thing I don't care for, along with the parking lot issues (we have 3 cars -for 3 drivers- and one garage)

    As far as when you get PCS'd to other countries, yes, the Military will give you tons of information to make the transition easier. There are mandatory briefings that you and your spouse have to attend.

    Once he is actually in the Military, there is a website that you can go and look up all sorts of information regarding various duty stations. But you have to sign in with your DH's name and SS number in order to access the pages.

    I am really impressed with the health care benefits actually. It is much better than I had at my jobs.
    Also, there are quite a few other benefits too, for example, there are 4 gyms on this post and I can go to them for FREE (usual gym membership 4-5 hundred per year!), there is a daycare that our child goes to that is based on my DH's wage. Since it is the military I feel very safe with my child being there....there are so many regulations that the military has. Hmmm, what else, there are several pools on this post, one indoors. Skating rinks, movie theatre, bowling alley, sports bar and grill with dancing and karaoke. Of course there are those things in the neighboring towns too.
    Being in the military isn't a life of luxury, even for the officers. It is hard being a military wife sometimes, ya gotta keep those home fires burning, ya know? We are the women who support the men who defend this country. We miss out on being home with OUR families for special occasions and such. Anyway, it is a toss up. I wouldn't have it any other way, because I love my DH and want him to do what he needs to do...and I will support him any way I can.
    Hope that helps! Good luck to the two of you.
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    There is a "government employed nursing" forum on this BB where you might get some additional feedback.
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    Originally posted by traumarns
    wow, thanks for all the replies.
    you guys KNEW exactly what some of my worries were.

    cheer, did you have a choice of what unit in the hospital you wanted to work? i really want to stay in critical care, whether it be icu, er, or pacu. or as a civilian, did they place you where there were openings. (on a side notes, your posts always make me chuckle)

    take care
    Hello Mel

    Most times, I could choose what unit in the hospital I wanted to work on. During the Gulf War, I had to cross-train on two different units just like the other nurses in case we received mass casualties back from the war. In a case such as that, the nurses could be utilized more efficiently where needed. I had a lot of specialties under my belt already as a nurse, so I could float just about anywhere and be useful. The military will make certain that you are exposed to a lot if you want to be....and sometimes out of necessity for the benefit of the armed forces that populate the hospitals for healthservices. I don't think you'll have any problem wanting to work ICU in a military hospital. You'll do just fine, and the military nurses you'll be working with are THE FINEST nurses to work with....IMHPO.

    I'm glad I make you chuckle......laughter is I'm pleased to be of service by placing a smile on your face, or a chuckle in your heart! :chuckle

    Nighty night! :zzzzz