Men In Aged Care

  1. Just wondered you guys and girls what do u think of Men in aged care
    i know its mostly women driven but the occasional man what do you think of having them in this industry
    Are Men are good thing or a bad thing when it comes to aged care

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  3. by   Wise Woman RN
    Men are a good thing in general...
  4. by   Young Woman
    I know they are i mean when it comes to their clients
    its jus i work for a man
    and whenever some of our clients come to him
    he always says his to busy
    once after that happended i had to go myself to see if i could help her out the client i mean
    all she wanted was to talk to someone about her grandson she was made pants for him or maybe it was for her
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  5. by   Young Woman
    Men Sometimes They Drive Me Crazy
  6. by   trainer2070
    Ive seen things like that with both women and men. Its more about the persons caring/passionate personality then their sex. I will admit it does take a special kind of person to work with the elderly at any level of care. I do it now for the experience, although its definitely not a long term thing for me.
  7. by   donsterRN
    Can't believe I'm going to dip my big manly toe into this lake, but...

    What you seem to be describing is most appropriately attributed to your boss' personality (or lack thereof...)

    I don't know why this would be a male vs. female thing. I am not very interested in Gerontology, but I don't know that we can blame my level of testosterone for it.

    This is just another example of gender stereotyping. How silly.
  8. by   Young Woman
    Hey don thank your very much its good to get a males perspective on this
    its just thats the first time i have noticed it, and he really gets to me when he does that also i had to go up to the main office upstairs where he went i wasnt following him if he thought it i was running a errand, as soon as i walk in and asked the secretary what i wanted to ask her he saw me and left
    i wasn't sterotyping i was stating ****
    i know people get busy but you still got to Listen and make Time for your clients WELL thats what i belive anyway as i am studying doing my cert 3 in aged care
    Let the real women handle these things
    Young woman
  9. by   Young Woman
    I would like to hear other people suggestions on this subject
  10. by   trainer2070
    You dont need to be a female to be an effective compassionate geriatric caregiver. A female can be just as uncaring as a male. Its all about personality when it comes to geriatric care not a persons sex.

    Just like Don, I dont have the personality to work long term geriatric care. I'm doing it now for the experience and I give them great care, but if I had to do it long term, Id do a swan dive off the Empire State Building.
  11. by   Young Woman
    Dear trainer
    hi i read your post and i was just expressing what i saw
    and the way i am
    its just men come across as well abit male when it comes to these things
    i wasnt suggesting he was awful or mean or a pig
  12. by   donsterRN
    Quote from Young Woman
    i wasn't sterotyping Let the real women handle these things
    Quote from Young Woman
    its just men come across as well abit male when it comes to these things
    What would you call these statements, if not stereotypical? Even the title of your thread categorizes and generalizes a group of people, which is what stereotyping is.

    My point is that one will find all sorts of behaviors and personalities in all sorts of people. People who exhibit the behaviors of your boss come in all shapes and sizes, all colors and both genders. You certainly cannot believe that he behaved the way he did just because he is a male, can you?
  13. by   Alpha13
    If by aged care you mean teenaged care then yes I am all for it
  14. by   banditrn
    I've observed compassionate caring males, as well as females in geriatric care.

    I've also observed uncaring females, as well as males in geriatric care. I don't think it has anything to do with the sex - it has to do with the person. Don't stereotype.