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  1. I would gladly appreciate any help here. I am moving to Memphis early next year, RN and work in Acute Rehab. Basically I have four hospitals to choose from. Had a job offer from Healthsouth - no thankyou. The others ,Baptist looked OK, have another interview at St Franics (Tenet), the only outstanding is the Med. From what I have read on the various forums, particularly with Baptist and any Tenet hospital is to run far away. Does anyone have anything positive to say about these hospitals because I am running out of places to consider. Please, I would appreciate any input anyone can give.
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  3. by   TennNurse
    Great! When are you coming? How soon can you be here??

    I do not work at any of the places you mentioned, though I have done some agency at St Francis and it wasn't too bad. Baptist has earned its reputation for working nurses to death, and they do pay a little more for this privelige, or so I hear. The Med is a bit of a legend here, as it is the only major trauma center in the city. As Memphis is a fairly violent city, this means you will see mucho action and lots of drama there. The ER where I work has been absolutely swamped lately, and for some reason, we never ever go on divert.

    I hope one of these hospitals proves to be a good fit for you. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions. I think I can speak for all my exhausted colleagues when I say that we are glad you're coming!
  4. by   MemphisOBRNC
    I have been at St. Francis (both locations) for a total of 29+ years. I am now at the Bartlett location. Tenet is not a bad company at all. I have never worked doing 'floor nursing', though I know many of the nurses that do. You may want to try contacting Human Resources at various hospitals and ask about the turn-over rate of nurses and also ask about the patient satisfaction scores. St. Francis- Bartlett has been a 5 Star (the best) hospital and also received the J. D. Power and Associates Distinguished Hospital Award. I believe it was the first hospital in Tennessee to accomplish that and we are very proud of it!

    Good luck in your search.