meds after jail

  1. I have an uncle and aunt that our family no longer talks to because of their drug problems. My uncle stole my sisters car two years ago and went to jail for two years. He just got out this month and has changed (so far). Well before he went to jail he was on crack and pot and pills. Well now they have put him on (not sure how to spell this) Zanaces. Why would they do this? Doesn't this just put him in the same position he was in before? He knows he can take two or three instead of one at a time and make him feel good. He is just headed right back for trouble. They have done this to him before.
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  3. by   P_RN
    Xanax? Tranquilizer? Who is "they gave him"?
    He needs rehab. Has that been offered?
  4. by   GAstudent
    yeap, he has had rehab but they gave it to him while he was in jail for the two years and now that he is out they have gave him pills.
  5. by   gwenith
    I know of a regional jail here in Aussie land where the local goverement medical officer used to put EVERYONE on sedatives. They used to ship the Haloperidol in by truck! His reasoning - cut down on teh fights and incidents at the jail.
  6. by   GAstudent
    Sound like that is what they are trying to do with him. They had him on them while he was in jail and he said that he would save them for a few days (he gets three a day) and then he would wait until he had 9 and take them and get a "buzz" or get "high" off of them. Crazy and doesn't seem right to me. I would not cure an alcoholic with beer so why cure a "pill popper" with pills?