Medication Test at hospitals

  1. HELP!!! Does anyone know what the medication tests consist of at the hospitals. I am supposed to take a medication test next week. I haven't done any drug calculations since March of last year. Need to brush on what could possibly be on the tests. I would appreciate any help you could provide.
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  3. by   cc_nurse
    Hi! I have a med test next week too, the info they gave us to review consisted of very basic calculations, PO and IV. DId they give you any kind of orientation material that may give you some clues?
  4. by   SuesquatchRN
    I took one a year ago. It was very basic med identification and simple calculations.
  5. by   Crocuta
    When I was hired at my current job, I was given the National League of Nursing's Medication Test. 70 questions, took about an hour. Basic calculations, drug effects, classifications, the usual stuff.

    The website with test plans is here:

    At my facility, it was used after a hiring decision, and then if you didn't get above 90% you got a take home remediation to work on for a couple weeks. Don't know how other facilities do it.

    There were some things that I'd never heard of, but mostly stuff that you learn in nursing school. Do some brush up through your pharmacology text.

    Good luck!
  6. by   angel of grace
    Thanks! I will check this out. I know a few things thats going to be on there. But I don't know much about peak n trough. And that is going to be on there.
  7. by   nyemngozi1234
    Hello everybody,

    I am excited to join this wonderful community of the most trusted profession in USA. I am proud to be among you.
    Please can anybody tell me what type of pharmacology test questions I should expect in a job Orientation/interview for Registered nurse position.